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Crescent Star by SignumDE

This is my first critique, so here goes :)

On the first look, it started to look good to me, despite that the 'looking back with outstretched wings' pose is so common. On the other hand, it's makes me feel good! :D Well choosen colors, simple, but nice looking tail and mane... I like original style OC vectors.

But let's dig deeper into the 'Technique' topic... (Sorry if I'll be very strict and searching) It seems you used 'pen'. Using the pen for drawing vectors isn't always the right tool but I agree with it. It's a technique too. The things what hurt my eye are the followings... Her mane is hanging down at the right side of her face, right? Then bottom line of the mane on the top of her head is too straight to me, making me feel like there is a cap or something on her head. I think it's easily avoidable by making it a little more curvy :) At the tail, there are sharp and soft line breaks and the conturs of the ears are thinner than the other outlines used on the picture.

So let's continue with the good part :)

People soetimes (very often) draw the far eye wrong (in wrong perspective, derpy eye-like, etc.) but you drawn it perfectly here. It's a good thing. The order of the objects on the vector is good too, there are no overlapping lines...

So the result is a not perfect, but very cool looking vector what still has some possibilities of improvement. But as I told you first, my personal opinion is that I like this pic and I think the others will like it too. Hope that I helped (please remember, it's my first one :))

Best regards
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SignumDE Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for your more then fair critique.
I am still learning and it is always good to get constructiv input on how to improve my work.

Once again, thank you! :D
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